Christmas Stocking Fillers for Toddlers


It is sometimes hard to come up with just the right toy for a Christmas stocking filler for toddlers aged 18 months to 2 years. At this age they can be precocious, cute, cuddly and extremely curious. One of the main ways they satisfy this curiosity is to taste everything. It seems that everything has a ‘bite’ factor as to hard or soft, nice taste or nasty. And it does help those teeth come through! So whatever you decide to put into their stocking this Christmas as a stocking filler it needs to be non-toxic and washable.

We’ve all heard the horror stories every Christmas about toys that have been on sale from overseas and haven’t been able to pass safety standards. In fact, most years I can remember there has been a recall on so many of them because of small objects that get shaken loose or paint that has too much of one toxic factor or another or simply because they are poorly designed for the age group with sharp edges or some other design fault.



Taking all these things into account one of the safest ways of being sure that the child will get nothing harmful in their Christmas stocking this Christmas is if you make it yourself. Knitted toys that you have stuffed yourself with safe and durable filler suitable for washing many times and double or triple stitched to make sure it remains as ‘edible’ and unbreakable as possible is a good idea on other levels too.

As the child grows out of the toy these are the toys that are often put away for when the child grows up. These stuffed toys then adorn the beds of little and big Girls as the years go by. Then they get handed down to their children. Boys don’t seem to be too self-conscious about having a stuffed toy in their cupboard that Gran or Mum made when they were babies and have great pleasure in the future at being able to offer to their son a toy made by their great-grandmother or grandmother when Dad was younger than them. Older kids like to receive these toys because it gives a sense of continuity and belonging.

So this Christmas give your toddler a stocking filler that is toxic free, edible, washable, curiosity arousing, colorful and be prepared for it to be loved in a way that you haven’t yet thought of.

Jan, Mom of 2
Torquay, QLD

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