Have Santa Help Out When Blending Families



This past summer my boyfriend and I moved in together. I have my 9 yr old daughter and in June he got legal custody of his 8 yr old son. Both kids are going thru their own “dramas”, and each is unique to them. To help them ease thru the Holidays and give them a much needed push to “do the right thing” I wrote my own “Santa” letter to each of them. My boyfriend’s son’s letter chronicled his troubles with anger and discipline problems…told him how his dad loved him and would always be there for him, and assured him that “Ol’ Santa” was just around the corner if dad needed backup! My daughter’s letter assured her that both mommy and daddy loved her, but that they were living apart, that it had nothing to do with her and that they both wanted to make her feel special. That she should feel free to tell her mom anything that might be bothering her and to always be a good girl. “Santa” told both kids that they were doing a good job trying to keep their rooms clean etc…..and reminded them that he is “always watching”. I was thrilled to see the looks on their faces Christmas morning when they got their own ‘Personalized letter from Santa”. They couldn’t wait to show it to everyone, and it has been put away with the Christmas things to cherish!

Laurie, Mom of 2
Genoa IL

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