Family Reading Time


I have 4 kids and sometimes it is hard to give each child their “own person” time
like they want us to. The three oldest are in school, so I have the day with my
2 year old. When the others get home from school they finish their homework and
we finish supper. I will then sit in my chair with the kids sitting in the chair with me
and some at my feet and we will read a couple of books. Most of the time I will
start reading for the two youngest, but the oldest two end up in there also. I may
be reading “Green Eggs and Ham” for the one-hundredth time but they all love it. So
just cuddling up with an old book brings us all together. And that is a special
time for me with my kids.

Rene’e, Mom of 4
Broken Bow, Oklahoma

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