Tips for Juggling a Home Business & Kids


For parents who want it all, running a business from home offers the best of
both the work and parenting worlds. But as any parent who has fielded a phone
call while changing a diaper and bandaging a scraped knee can tell you,
homepreneuring offers its own unique challenges.

Frequent interruptions top the list. Not only do interruptions make it difficult to
maintain focus and momentum, they also can dramatically increase stress. All
told, it can be a challenging combination when your income is tied directly to
your ability to work efficiently.

Here are 7 tips for helping you juggle the demands of running a business with
kids at home:

1. Be the CEO. Run your household as a business, with you in the CEO’s seat
and your kids playing the role of staff. The challenges you face as a work-from-
home entrepreneur are nearly identical to the challenges you’d face in corporate
America – the only difference is that the people you’re managing are your
adorable children.

2. Set schedules and boundaries for your kids.

3. Delegate. Identify everything that other people can handle just as well or
better than you can – and then farm out those responsibilities.

4. Let go.

5. Work with other work-at-home entrepreneurs.

6. Empathize.

7. Plan properly and quickly accept that projects will take longer to complete
than expected whether you’re in your at home office or a corporate setting.

As a working parent, you’ll no doubt be socked with the “I don’t want you to
work” guilt trip once in a while. But as a work-at-home parent, you can rest
assured that you’re giving your kids the very best of both worlds – a nurturing
parent who is there when your kids really need you… and a parent who sets a
stellar example of what entrepreneurs can accomplish professionally without
sacrificing their family values.

Teresa Luquette, founder of 7FigureBusiness, Nacogdoches, TX, built a million-
dollar fortune from scratch while working from home and parenting two daughters.

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