How to Get Some Great Mom Time


Just for Mom TipsMoms need to take time for themselves, so they can better care for those around them! Prepare for unexpected moments of quiet so you can take advantage of them. Think about what you enjoy doing when you just have a few minutes–listening to music, working on a craft, exercising, reading a book and eating chocolate (my favorite!)

Make sure you have the things you need to do these fun things–a new CD; your favorite craft with all the supplies in the same place, easily available; exercise equipment; a new magazine and “good” chocolate (it’s OK to hide the “good” chocolate–kids and husbands don’t appreciate it anyway!

When the kids are quiet, take a quick peek to make sure no one is bleeding, cutting, or flushing anything they shouldn’t; don’t take out the garbage, don’t start supper, but take a few minutes to do something you enjoy!

Shelly, Mom of 2
Shelmar Publications

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