Talk to Your Babies


Talk to your babies! From the moment you bring your beautiful baby home, talk to
them. Talk to your baby in a nice, comforting voice, sort of like you are having a
conversation with a friend. I did this with our son everyday. As a stay at home mom
I thought it was great to have someone to talk to, even though he couldn’t yet
respond much. We talked about what was on TV, what I was doing, what I was
going to make for dinner, and everything else I could think of. He is 3 now, and we
are constantly getting comments about what a great talker he is. And it has been this
way since he first started talking. His words are clear, and he has a very large
vocabulary. I can’t wait for our new baby daughter to start talking and hear all of
the great things she has to say!!

Donielle, Mom of 2
Tigard, Oregon

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