Children Helping in Decision-Making Process



To make my 7 yr old daughter feel good about being in her Brownie Troop, I let
her decide on the Try-Its that she would like to get. I am the Leader of her Troop
and I work with her in deciding activities to do for the specific Try-It, present it
to her and if she likes it then we do it at the meetings. If not I have her
brainstorm ideas she would like to do. By allowing your child to help in the
decision making process makes her critical thinking skills that much sharper. My
parents did this with me as a child and I grew up to become a Registered Nurse, a
field where we use Critical Thinking all the time. Two years ago, I had to retire
due to my kidney disease, but I always use my critical thinking skills in my
activities of daily life and want to pass it on to my 2 girls.

Vicky, RN – Mom of 2
Playa Del Rey, California

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