Spring Cleaning Made Easy


When you start your spring cleaning, it can be overwhelming. If you have a big house like mine, you just don’t know where to start. I do one room a day. Work your way down from the ceiling to the floor. Sweep down all the cobwebs first. Then clean the windows (old newspapers really make them sparkle). Scrub the walls down next (either by hand or use a sponge mop). Dust all you furniture or appliances. Last is the floor – vacuum and shampoo as needed. Be sure to use the attachments to get around all the edges. The best product that I’ve found to use in my shampooer is Tide with bleach alternative. It really gets the dirt out and smells great. When finished, take a wet cloth and wipe around all the wall edges on the floor. This gets all the dirt off where the shampooer may leave behind. Do the same in each room – one per day.

Stephanie, Mom of 3

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