Tips for Getting Rid of Your Child’s Pacifier



Tip 1: Invent the “Pacifier Fairy”. Let your child know that the Pacifier Fairy is going to visit and take the pacifier to pacifier land. When she takes it, she will replace it with a special item (i.e. Stuffed animal-some other comfort item). Talk about the visit in a positive and exciting way and let him/her get used to the idea before making the switch.

Tip 2: Make a personalized “No More Pacifier” book for your child. The book is available at You can have your child’s name and what they call their pacifier printed in the book. Introduce the idea of separating from the pacifier. The story is all about decorating a box to put your pacifier in as you slowly make the separation. Ask him/her if he/she is ready to make a pacifier box.

Ricki Booker
Author of Change Is Strange book series for kids…LITTLE kids making BIG changes

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