Using Schedules to Help an ADHD Child


My son is 7 and was just diagnosed with ADHD about 6 months ago. He had a major problem in the morning getting ready for school. I have ADHD too, so that does not help the situation. I made a morning schedule that was very specific and easy and fun to follow. For each step I added a picture (such as brushing teeth) using clip art. I was very detailed as to “wake up at 7:25” and then next step “get dressed” and how much time was allowed with specific time to be finished. I put a clock in the bathroom, his bedroom, and set a small alarm while eating or putting coat on etc. so that he knew when he would have to be done. There was a change the very first day. He followed every step on time and even had his room clean. He was excited just to know exactly what to do and when. Everyone was happy every morning. A reward can be used such as mommy time after school, etc. I found he was so excited to do it I didn’t have to do a reward every day. I gave LOTS of praise for such a great job. Now I make schedules constantly. I love it and the kids love it.

Nicole, Mom of 3

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