Car Seat Challenge



I have never had trouble getting my kids to sit in their car seats. Partly because they are very social and love to get out of the house any chance they can. But also because their car seats are cool and comfortable.

Recently a friend mentioned that her son hates getting in his car seat. He arches his back, screams, and puts up a good fight. My recommendation was to buy a comfortable car seat. Don’t be fooled by big price tags either. Just because it costs a lot doesn’t mean it is comfy. When we had our daughter, we searched all over for the perfect car seat. Once we found one with sufficient padding, covers for the straps, AND all the safety features we purchased the same brand and style online at a discounted price.

Make your child’s car seat cool by purchasing a snazzy cover for it. Trust me, you’ll see its worth the next time your little one voluntarily climbs into his seat. So if your kiddos cry at the mention of their car seats, check the comfort level yourself. They may just feel like you are strapping them into a modern torture device!

Kris Havlicek – Mom of 3

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