Saving Money Through Change



If your family is like mine, there is always a shortage of money. So, I devised
a way of saving money and getting the children involved in it also. I clean out my
purse and my husbands pockets every night and put the change in a coffee can. I
encourage the children to look under couch cushions, toy boxes…etc., for loose
change. We usually start collecting after the first of the year, so that at Fourth
of July, there is quite a bit of money saved. Then after that holiday, we start
saving for Christmas. The children know that whatever money is saved will be theirs
to spend on fireworks, Christmas gifts or perhaps something special that they have
been wanting. Each week we take out the can and empty the coins, count them and
write the amount on a piece of paper. They get so excited to see how much money
they have collected in a week.

Carolyn, Mom of 4
Erin, TN

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