Solution for Those Pesky Rashes



The best tip I ever received (and have passed on) came from a nurse at my child’s doctor’s office. My 1st born used to get an awful rash in the folds of her neck from her milk and no matter what I put there to soak it up, no matter what balm I put there to protect it-it just kept getting worse. She said ‘put some Monistat on it and it will go away’. Of course I looked at her like she was crazy but sure enough – I put a dab on there and voila! It works great for those yeast rashes they get when you change foods – you know, the blistery ones that won’t go away? Put some Monistat on the OUTSIDE then put some A&D ointment over it to protect the skin and that rash will be gone in a day or two. Now it is a part of any gift I give a new mom!

Charity, Mom of 3
Rogers, AR

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