Tip for Teaching Preschoolers to Read



Forget the expensive workbooks and curriculums. Instead, teach your preschooler
their letters, and the most common sounds of those letters. Then just teach a few
sight words to begin with (the, and, etc). As soon as possible, pick up their very
favorite books and read them to your preschooler. Point to the words as you read
them. Every time one of those sight words appear, let your preschooler “read” that
word and you will see how proud they are to be “reading”. This motivates them to
learn more words, adding one sight word at a time. In the mean time, they are
learning to sound out words using letter sounds and before you know it they are
sounding out words and reading a large list of sight words. That is enough to
completely read many level 1 books! Their confidence is immediately built and they
learn that reading is easy and fun! We’ve done this with both of our girls and they
were both reading soon after their 4th birthdays, which gave them a great head start
to kindergarten and 1st grade.

Diane, Mom of 3
Lees Summit, MO

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