Traveling Across Country with Kids



We moved across county from Michigan to Idaho with a 1 year old, 5 year old
and a 1 year old puppy. The challenge was to keep them all happy for an 8 –
12 hour drive with just potty and gas stops. The trick is to stay calm and
organized. I printed up an activity book with coloring pages and car bingo game
(enough for the whole trip) for the 5 year old. For the 1 year old I purchased a See
and Say toy, some flash cards of animal pictures and big-pictured coloring books.
Then I had plenty of reading books and toy figurines for each of them to play with.
I changed out the toys through out the trip so they wouldn’t get bored with the
same stuff. The dog slept a lot, which was a blessing, but I also brought him
some chew toys. Needless to say by the 4th day everyone one was pretty tired of the
car ride. Thank goodness the 4th day was only a half-day trip to grandma’s house.

Diane, Mom of 2
Orofino, Idaho

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