Keeping Kids Busy During Road Trips



The best mom tip that I have is when you are taking your children on long trips
go to the local Wal-Mart and get them all a hand held game, like Simon, Yahtzee,
or any other kind of game that they can sit and enjoy the play of the game for the
entirety of the trip. I just came back from out of town and I have noticed that when
my kids are in the backseat with nothing to do they want to fuss and argue. From now on I am going to make sure to pack their games and extra batteries so that
we wont have to pull off the interstate to discipline them for fighting. Also if that doesn’t work you can always go to the dollar store and pick up crayons and
coloring books to use while you are traveling. This is the best thing that I can
do to make my trip a whole lot quieter and happier by the time I get to where I
am going.

Kristie, Mom of 3
Cleveland, TN

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