Use a Mop to Clean Ceiling Fans



As a mother of three, I am always looking to save time with housework. For
those that have ceiling fans I would like the suggest my time saving tip of using a
mop. I have an O-cedar sponge mop that I use after I have finished mopping the
kitchen floor. I hold it up to the ceiling fan while it is turned off, push down the
handle to close the mop around the side of the fan and pull to end to remove dust.
Once you have finished with one side repeat with the other and in no time the fan is
cleaned without risk of falling off a chair as one can stand on the floor to do
this. In addition, if done one a week or every other week the ceiling fan stays
clean as well as save time as the mop is already out being used.

Angela, Mom of 3
Andover, Kansas

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