Dont’ Pay for “Ready to Bake” Cookies – Make Your Own



I hate store bought cookies, especially the cost of “ready to bake” ones. So whenever I have to make cookies I make a double batch and shape some of it into logs and freeze it. Ready to bake cookies at a fraction of the cost of the store bought ones.

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Beverly, Mom of 3
Pasadena, TX

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One Response to "Dont’ Pay for “Ready to Bake” Cookies – Make Your Own"

  1. You are so right! The store bought stuff tastes nasty, and its full of chemicals and so much sugar. We don’t want to be giving that to our kids. When you taste a homebaked cookie, its a real treat. And it doesn’t take that long to whip up a batch of cookies. Kids love to help.

    The potato chip cookies are a fav in our house. So are the magic cookies.


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