How to Bring Back a Tight Knit Neighborhood



All the Moms in our cul-de-sac are working together to promote our children working together to help make our neighborhood an enjoyable, safe and enriching place to grow up.

Once a month, we take turns hosting an activity at one of our houses. This time helps us to get to know the kids on an individual basis as well as them getting to know us as parents. These activities have ranged from movie nights to crafts to pretend camp outs in the back yard. The cornerstone to the activity is that the host parent actively participates with the kids.
Too often anymore, parents send their kids off to play at the neighbors and don’t really take the time to get to know the neighborhood kids and their parents.

In a small way, we are doing our part to try and bring back the concept of tight knit neighborhoods where everyone watched out for each other’s kids and the kids felt that their friend’s parents were a part of their lives too.

Megan, Mom of 1
Box Elder, SD
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