Keep a Journal to Help Lose Weight



Moms who want to lose weight pay close attention. An easy tip to help you on your journey is to keep a journal. Boo! I know it can be a pain at first. Just remember that you are doing it to help you figure out where you need to make some changes. You can use a notebook or you can purchase a food & exercise journal on The key thing to remember is all you need to keep track of is the amount of calories, protein and exercise…that’s it.

After logging in what you are doing for 7 days go back to see what your average calorie consumption is per day and if you are exercising at least 3 days a week. Take the amount of calories you eat on average and subtract 500 calories from the total. That will be a good place to start so you can lose weight. You can also increase your days of activity or your intensity. I found joining “group training” very helpful to kick me in the bum….ask your local health club about it.

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