Keep it Simple and Lose Weight



Do you still struggle with counting calories, wondering if you should be eating this or that at certain times of the day? Are you getting your information from numerous sources – each with a varying point of view?

Welcome to the club. In my humble beginnings, I listened, learned and discovered that even though I lost weight, the amount and way I lost could have gone a lot better had I known better. After training and mentoring with now I do know better.

Simplicity – that is the key to effective weight loss. Sound crazy? Let me explain.

It’s simplicity that allows us to enjoy what we eat and when we eat. Simple
carbohydrates like veggies, fruits and whole grains, beans. Proteins like fish, chicken, eggs, and lean ground beef.

Fats like extra virgin olive oil, avocados, organic extra-virgin coconut oil, flax oil, nuts and seeds. Eating baked, broil and boiled.

Exercising, resting – all simple right? Then why does it seem so hard and why are millions still suffering from excessive weight?

It’s the simplicity factor. The fitness industry is full of questions and answers and still more questions. Is low carb okay, is low fat okay, should I fast, should I just eat this or not eat that?

It’s madding. Just try to keep it simple. You already know lean protein, veggies and whole grains and beans are good for you so start there.


Limit foods fried in vats of oil and reduce your sugar intake. Sugar is everywhere so read the labels. Don’t be excessive in your eating and get quality exercise, water and rest.


Pamela, Mom of 3
Pasadena, CA

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