The Skinny on Healthy Travel: 5 Tips for Radiant Health While Out of Town



Whether traveling for business or on a wonderful vacation, travel can be challenging for your health. With a bit of planning and consciously making healthy choices over unhealthy ones, you can easily make a difference in how you feel when you return home: guilty or radiantly healthy. Radiant Health is the concept of being healthy from the inside out. It is wonderful to come home feeling radiantly healthy and happy, instead of feeling guilty about an extra 5 or 10 pounds. When you feel Radiantly Healthy, you actually feel a healthy glow; knowing your organs, bones, skin, hair, and nails, literally every part of you, can be healthy, if you believe it.

Anne spent months planning a trip to Egypt, a vacation she had dreamt of for many years. She had lost 30 pounds the year before the trip and did not want to gain any of it back on a two-week vacation. Anne came up with a plan for her vacation; she would enjoy tasting all of the unique foods she desired, never feel deprived, love the fun way she got her body moving, and feel radiantly healthy from the inside out. She lost the one pound she did gain in the first few days after returning home.

Anne promised herself that she could enjoy eating whatever she desired as long as she exercised 5 times. One day that meant walking with some friends to and from a local restaurant in Giza instead of taking a taxi. Another day, Anne and a friend walked and jogged along the Nile in Luxor. She created memories instead of focusing on exercise.

Most of us have spent weeks planning a big vacation, without considering what actions we might take towards a healthier outcome. There are hundreds of ideas out there, but here are a few tips that you can implement to stay radiantly healthy on your next trip:

1. Change your Mindset
By creating a mindset of making healthy choices, you will begin to feel like a winner, better about yourself and want to keep making healthy choices. While traveling, choose to eat at least one healthy meal each day, and when eating your other meals, do not let yourself feel guilty about your choices. Instead, enjoy every morsel! Anne allowed herself to enjoy tasting all the fun, interesting foods of Egypt, but knew that she would also do something active five times during her vacation. She was able to make these activities fun, which made her feel like she was in control and winning. As a result, she felt great while she was traveling and returned home feeling fantastic!

2. Be Prepared
When you feel hungry, being prepared will give you the option to decide what you really want, instead of having to settle for junk food because you do not have a choice. Always have some healthy snacks with you if flying, driving or traveling by train. Anne took plenty of almonds and protein bars to Egypt so that she could always have a healthy snack within her reach. She walked to a local grocery store (a fun experience in itself) to buy fresh fruit. It is easy to be prepared if you consciously decide to do so before you leave town. If you see a local treat that tempts you while shopping, buy it too . . . and enjoy it!

3. Drink Plenty of Water
It is true that at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day are necessary for a healthy body to function, in fact, it is best to have one half ounce of water for each pound you weigh. For example, a person who weighs 150 lbs. needs 75 ounces of water a day. Anne was on a tour that provided bottled water, but if that is not your situation, pick up a case of water or take a container to fill as you walk out the door each day. This way you are staying hydrated and not drinking sodas.

4. Sleep
Do not over schedule your days. Plan to retire early some nights so that you can refresh your body. Sleeping in a hotel can be challenging for some people, so take a vacation from the TV. Do not turn it on before you go to bed. Instead, enjoy journaling your day or read something inspiring. You will sleep better and feel more rested if the TV stays off!

5. Make Good Restaurant Choices
There are many simple, healthy choices you can make while eating in restaurants anywhere in the world. Grilled or baked foods are always healthier than fried. Choosing to eat a green salad each day will help you feel better. Request sauces on the side, so you can decide if it tastes good and how much you want. Making healthy choices can be fun; by choosing a glass of wine instead of a margarita you are making a healthier choice! It can be challenging to make healthy choices while traveling, so intend to make some healthy choices each day, and intend to splurge as well. NEVER feel guilty about any of your choices! Always enjoy everything you put in your mouth. If it is not as good as you hoped or expected, choose not to eat it. If it is better than you expected, enjoy it completely!

A vacation is a time to reconnect with your inner self and explore other places. With a little planning for healthier choices, you can support your health and return home feeling relaxed, refreshed and radiant. You will be grateful for your decisions and feel radiantly healthy from the inside out.

About the Author
Adele Good is a speaker, trainer, author, health coach and founder of The Skinny on The Skinny, a company specializing in personal health improvements and empowerment. With over 20 years of training and speaking experience, Adele helps groups and individuals maximize their inner strengths and potential. Adele has personally and naturally released over 130 pounds, without surgery, drugs or dieting. She is the author of “The Skinny Diary, Your Guide to Radiant Health.” To find out more about her speaking and coaching, please visit or call 214-526-7770.

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