Texting Between Kids & Parents Tips



textPlus just conducted another study about ‘texting with mom and dad’.

According to the survey:

* 43% say they text with their parents (90% of those said they text with their
parents 1-5 times a day)
* 46% had to teach their parents to text.
* 30% think parents who text with their kids are cool, while 38% think they’re
“annoying.” 57% think they’re just plain “practical.”
* 42% prefer to text with their parents rather than call them.
* 44% text more with mom than with dad (37% said they text with each equally).
* 32% said it was their parents who actually initiated (40% said parents and teens
were about equal in how often they started a conversation)
* The most common reasons to text with mom and dad, teens said, were “rides,”
“scheduling” and “practice.” (“Gossip” and “relationships” scored lowest).

Tips for Mom and Dad:

1. DO clarify: No idea what LYLAS, ROFL or MULU means? Don’t risk misusing one of
these popular SMS acronyms. Google it or just ask your kid. (We knew a dad who
thought LOL meant “lots of love.” Very sweet – until he used it in a text to his
son about a sick relative…)

2. DON’T wait to respond. Kids and teens expect instant responses when texting,
It’s the beauty and the appeal of the format. In their world, nothing worse than
waiting for an SMS response.

3. DO keep your phone on. To respond in real-time….you have to get the message when
it comes in (see point #2!).

4. DON’T over-emoticon. This: ;-) ? ? ;) :>) ….can get really annoying when it’s
from a mom.

5. DO keep it snappy. The whole point of a text is to keep it short and to the
point. Skip the pleasantries and flower-y prose.

6. DON’T text during school hours. We found that 66% of parents were texting their
kids while they were in class. Some parents told us they expected their kids to
wait until after school to reply. Wrong! Kids are hardwired to reply instantly to
texts (again, see #2!), even if it means it’s in the middle of Calculus.

Tips for Kids:

1. DON’T mock. Cut your parents a break for being dorky texters. They’re from
another era.
2. DO teach. If you don’t, you’ll just get called all the time. (And please – don’t
sit there and let your dad text with his index finger!)
3. DO skip the texting lingo. They won’t be able to translate LYLAS, ROFL or MULU.
(trust us: we know a dad who thinks LOL means “lots of love.”)
4. DON’T text them from class. They’ll wonder why you’re not paying attention.
5. DO look before you send. 40% of texters admit they’ve accidentally sent a text
to the wrong person. Mom doesn’t want to see a lovey dovey text meant for your BF.

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