The Working Parent: How to Save Time at Home





If you are a working parent, you know the perils that are associated with such a life. Insignificant decisions may seem monumental at times, and it becomes almost impossible to lead a stress free life. What then, is the right answer in a situation where you have to pick between your loved ones and your job? Perhaps, if time was better managed, the family vs. career question wouldn’t need an answer.

However, managing time in a fast paced environment is no easy task. But here is a list of ideas you can incorporate in your daily life, to get more out of each day that you spend multi-tasking.

Create a schedule and stick to it.

This is the ideal way to start saving some extra time at home. Make a list of all the things that need to be done and evaluate their importance on a scale of ten. Mark them as you see fit and schedule them accordingly through the day. In this way, you will finish all your important tasks during the first half of the day. Consequently, the less important items can await their completion later. Following this idea will help you determine exactly how much time can be spared during the day and how much needs to be allotted to work.

Ask for help.

You are an ideal parent and employee, but you need to recharge your batteries once in a while! Consider taking some time off work. Or ask your friends or parents for their help. Many adults shy away from help because they feel it reflects badly on their image of a parent. But don’t let that hold you back. Asking for help is only human. And until you achieve perfection, give in to the nagging feeling of letting go of your responsibilities for a day.

Plan ahead.

While you are maintaining a schedule, start planning ahead in time. Ideally, you should know your plan for tomorrow when you wake up today. Keep schedules for your family members as well. Try and match the spare time that you have with your kids or your husband. With this, though your life may be ruled by a planner, it will give you ample time to squish your kids in for a movie on the way to the grocers, or allow you a quick lunch with your husband when you have some free time at work.

Allot work.

Maintain a house where each member is allotted some responsibilities that needs to be completed. This is an age old formula that can work wonders for your family only if it’s implemented well. Not only does this automatically give you extra time to kill, it instills a sense of belonging and responsibility in every member of the family.

Evaluate your needs at home and at work. Then, pick an option mentioned above and make it work. When you feel you are slipping away, remind yourself that you are making an effort to become better. Go ahead and try it! It works wonderfully well.

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