5 Tips for Battling Blue Monday or any Winter Blues


tips to beat the winter bues
Beating the Monday Blues
By H.E. Hobson
I believe most people desire to live full, meaningful lives. However, life often seems to turn into a treadmill of performance, where we do the same things over and over each day, turning even good actions into monotonous acts of repetition.
If you ever feel like life is just not what it should be, here are a few tips to living life to the fullest.
  • Be thankful. Nothing changes your outlook on life like, “counting your blessings”. Be thankful for what you do have. Be thankful for your family, your spouse, your kids, your friends, your neighbors. Be thankful for the gift of life itself. Be thankful for a place to live, for food to eat, for transportation. Do not waste time thinking about what you don’t have; be grateful for what you do have.
  • Be courageous. Do not live your life in fear. If you have a dream, go for it. Do not allow fear of failure stop you from trying. Do not allow people to tell you why you cannot fulfill your dream. Be courageous and live life to the fullest in spite of fear and in spite of other’s opinions.

  • Be compassionate. Kindness and love open up the hearts of those around you. If you want your life to be full of compassion, kindness and love then sow it into the life of everyone you can.  As the old saying goes, “You reap what you sow”.  It is easy to sow cynicism, anger, selfishness, and the like.  However, life is difficult to live to the fullest, if that is what you are reaping.  Live a life of sowing compassion, and then as you grow older your life will stay full, because you will be reaping the goodness of others, until your days come to an end.
  • Be encouraging. The world we live in is full of negativity and criticism.  It is easy to put people down and let them know everything they are doing wrong.  Don’t do it!  Instead, be encouraging.  Encourage everyone you meet.  Support people in their life dreams.  Tell people what you like about them.  Let people know they are important and that they matter, their lives have meaning, and they have a purpose.  Encourage, encourage, encourage!  The world is full of discouragement, but those who truly live, have learned to be encouragers.
  • Live for what matters.  Invest your time and energy in what is eternal.  Devote yourself to building relationships.  Devote yourself to faith, love, kindness, mercy, grace, and generosity.  Possessions will pass away, but faith in God and investment in others can last forever. Live for what matters!
About the Author
H.E. Hobson of Batavia, New York is author of the book, UnWritten - a powerful fiction drama that deals with grief and regret and takes the reader on a journey of his or her own heart.  In the end, it will leave a challenge for us all to live a life of fulfillment, destiny and love.   The book was released last November by Yorkshire Publishing.


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