Five Tips for Living Life Well


As we know, millions of Americans are overloaded with responsibilities and distractions.  As we enter a transition time to the Fall season, there is an increase in stress due to getting the kids back into school and routines, and then the added pressure of the looming holiday season ahead.  Although some try to stay healthy from a physical standpoint by eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep, they are only nurturing their bodies, but neglecting to nurture their minds and spirits as well.  And then there are those who often turn to drinking and smoking as away to deal with stress.

Marlise Karlin is an internationally renowned teacher and founder of The Simplicity of Stillness™ – a simple and unique method of connecting people to their own true nature through a new form of meditation known as Stillness.  She offers these 5 tips for living life well:

#1:  Breathe Into the Moment
In the midst of a busy day, take a few moments to find stillness.  Slow your pace, breathe deep, and refocus your attention away from the mind-chatter.  Instead, reflect on what is most meaningful to you in life, and carry those inspirational thoughts with you throughout your day.



#2: Take Inspired Action
Being in constant reaction mode will leave you feeling exhausted & unfulfilled. After taking a moment of reflection and stillness, follow through with the necessary steps to achieve the goals you set forth for the day.  If a disruption occurs, acknowledge it and look for a solution, rather than allowing it to derail you.  Notice how your new focus helps you to stay on track with greater ease.

#3:  Water Your Garden
Truly acknowledge the people in your life for the value they bring to you and the world. As with a garden, relationships need to be nurtured and appreciated.  With even a sprinkling, the relationship will bloom – and the beauty of what is given will return to you tenfold.

#4 Be Aware of Your Attitude
Notice how you feel and how you radiate those feelings outward.  If you have a positive attitude people will not only gravitate to you, but it might even help change the attitude of others from negative to positive.  If you are projecting love, generosity and hope, others may follow your lead.  Realize how what you give comes back to you!

#5 Make Choices
Acknowledge that you have the ability to make choices that will keep you moving forward toward your overall vision, rather than letting other people, or life’s circumstances distract you from staying focused on what matters most.  Choose what moves you toward your goals that give you the greatest rewards – inside and out.

“People are running at a hundred miles an hour, racing with the clock, trying to squeeze in ways to stay healthy and fit,” said Marlise Karlin. “It’s important to realize it only takes a few minutes a day to completely reboot ourselves by nurturing both mind & body to become more balanced and healthy.”

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