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IT certifications resources: The TOP 12

The fame and popularity of IT certifications cannot be neglected. The improvement in the field of IT has given rise to many certifications which people do to increase their worth. In this regard, they are also in need of the best certification resources which will enable them to get trained for their certifications and prepare for it as well. However, it is not easy to find authentic and useful certification resources. Many vendors and websites will promise to provide you with the best resources, but all of them cannot.

Most of you might have gone through this problem while some of you might have been a victim of the vendors which provide you fake resources. Well, all this is quite common nowadays. You should not waste your money for buying something which is not credible at all. If the resources which we use are not good enough and authentic, they will be of no use to us. Hence, our first and foremost purpose stands to find those certification resources which will benefit us on the long run and will provide us with the accurate information.

In this article, you will find the top 12 vendors or companies which could provide you with the authentic resources for certifications. This list contains some of the best vendors in the world whose name speaks for their credibility. So you do not have to worry anymore and just select the best website for this list which suits you.

Following is the list of Top 12 vendors which provide the Best Certification Resources:


Hewlett Packard is a renowned company in the world which is involved in the production of electronic devices including laptops, computers etc. It makes available to you a good amount of resources so that you are able to prepare for your certifications in the best possible way.


Magneto is a renowned company which provides certifications for application development. You will find the best resources on its website which will allow you to prepare for Magneto certifications and produce the best result.


Novell is known for having the best certification programs worldwide. It is a famous vendor which is ready to provide you the perfect resources which will enable you to prepare for its certifications.


If you are looking for certification resources pertaining to Zend or PHP framework, then this is the best choice which you have got. Its resources have been designed in a comprehensive way which provides you each and every detail you require.


Do you want to get authentic and reliable resources for the preparation of your certification? Then you must consider Test-King. This vendor offers you the best resources for certifications of different vendors which will enable you to get all that you want in just one place.


The fame and credibility of Microsoft cannot be argued. Being one of the best companies in the world, it has got extensive certification resources in store for you. These resources will provide you with the comprehensive training to complete the certifications which Microsoft provides.


CPP provides you the best certification resources which will enable you to learn the C++ language in a complete and organized way. Considering the popularity of C++ all around the world, the certifications and resources provided by this vendor are of great worth.


CWNP is renowned for providing certifications pertaining to Wireless networking and its related aspects. Its certification resources provide a good amount of help to those people who are doing its certifications. The resources are extensive and detailed enough to cater to every little detail.


Pass4sure will provide you a lot of certification resources which are related to different vendors. So now you do not need to waste your time searching for the resources on the internet, as they are all available to you right at


Motorola Solutions provides famous communication products to reputable business organizations. It provides extensive resources for its certifications to make sure that the candidates get all the knowledge they need to do its certifications and learn as much as they can.


This company will make available for you the best resources for many advanced certification vendors. It contains real exam questions for certifications which will aid you in the preparation of your exam and will train you for your IT courses. You can find here popular 200-120 and 352-001exams.


Symantec offers security products and solutions to large organizations. It has got a wide range of certifications dealing with the sector of security. You will also find a lot of resources on its website which will prepare you well for the certifications it provides.