10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues


winterbluesThere really is such a thing as the winter blues.  The lack of sunlight and cold nights can have a negative effect on our mood and outlook on life in general.  When those days or even weeks hit, use some of these suggestions to be uplifted and make the winter days easier to bear.

1.      Start reading that book you’ve been putting off reading.  Curl up in a big soft chair with your favorite blanket and a big mug of cocoa, start a fire the fireplace if you have one, and dive in.  Get lost in the pages and forget all about the winter around you.

2.      Re-decorate a room.  Find a room in your house that could use some change – your bathroom, one of the kid’s room or your bedroom.  You don’t have to go “all out” with spending a lot of money. You’ll be amazed how different a room can look just by painting the walls, rearranging the furniture and adding some new knick-knacks.

3.      Rent one of your favorite comedy movies or buy your favorite comedy television show on DVD.  A good laugh is always good medicine.

4.      Create a “just for mom” area.  Find a space in your house that will be just for you  – no matter what you want to do there:  crafts, hobbies, letter writing or reading. If you don’t have an actual room that you can use just for you, create a wall with a bookcase, cement blocks, or room divider.  Take the time to enjoy the room and utilize it for even just a few minute each day – you deserve some time to yourself!

5.      Learn something new.  Sign up to take a cooking course, dance lessons, learn a new language or take a sewing/hobby class.



6.      Brighten up your house with more lighting.  Try to use larger light bulbs and fluorescent lighting.  This can make a big difference in how you feel.

7.      Put on your favorite music and dance.  Not only will the music make you feel a bit more upbeat, but also the dancing will be great exercise.

8.      Buy some fresh flowers.  A nice bouquet of flowers cheers up any room and anybody.  Keep a splash of spring in the house with fresh flowers each week.

9.      Head outside!  Dress warm and take a brisk walk.  Enjoy the crisp air and get your blood circulating.  You still need the exercise in winter months.

10.   Sit down and write some letters.  In the days of phones and emails, the written word has gone to the wayside.   Everyone loves to be remembered.  Surprise a few friends by sending them a note “just because”.

* For some people, a more serious problem called Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs, which can cause social withdrawal, depression, weight gain or loss and even suicidal thoughts.  These individuals need to seek medical attention from a professional


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